Mary and Sara - Wraps Book Cover

Easy Recipes for Handheld Meals

8-3/4 x 8 in; 108 pp; 24 full-color photographs
Published in October, 1997
ISBN 0811818128
ISBN13 9780811818124


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A taste of what’s in the book

Barbecued and Sunny-Side Up

Barbecued and Sunny-Side Up
Now you can forget about the arduous task of soaking up the egg yolk by scraping your plate with toast.  This wrap ingeniously does it for you.  Just fill the tortilla with the savory ingredients and when you lift it to your mouth for the first bite, the yolk should break, spreading its delectable flavor throughout the entire wrap.

The classico Wrap

Wrap Classico
This wrap is a burrito.  Filled with savory black beans, crunchy peppers, rice, and Mexican seasonings, it is the most conventional mixture.

Club wrap

Join the club
No mayo, no third piece of bread jammed in the middle, no toothpicks to eat around.  Need we say more?  Say goodbye to the old club and hello to this innovative replacement.


Rappin’ with a Chick
Blue cheese lovers, this one’s for you.  The tart cherries, toasted walnuts, and roasted chicken complement and enhance the tangy taste of the blue cheese.