Mary and Sara - Bride and Groom First and forever cook book

Bride and Groom First and Forever Cookbook

8-1/2 x 10 in; 272 pp ; 40 color photographs
Published in April, 2003
ISBN 081183493X
ISBN13 9780811834933


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A taste of recipes from the book:

Mary and Sara - Roasted butter nut squash shoup

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Crème Heart Swirls

As Mary’s son Jackson says, “This soup is sweet like candy.” Our autumns revolve around hard-shelled squashes, especially the smooth and shapely butternut variety. After all, who doesn’t love smooth and shapely? Butternut squash for a hardy soup, sure to spread warmth on a brisk, wind-whirring, teeth-chattering night. Swirl small hearts on top of this soup for your sweetheart, and away you’ll go…

Mary-and-Sara- Red Leaf Lettuce with Grapes Blue Cheese Pecans and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Red Leaf Lettuce with Grapes, Blue Cheese, Pecans, and Balsamic Vinaigrette

We think this is the perfect “wine-country” salad, as it stands as a veritable tribute to wine, with its sweet grapes, red wine—loving blue cheese, and sweet balsamic vinegar. This lovely combination is reminiscent of a salad Sara and Erik shared on their first anniversary dinner at Tra Vigne, Michael Chiarello’s celebrated restaurant in St. Helena, in the Napa Valley. Every time they taste the salad, they remember that romantic night and the sweetness of their first year of marriage. We love to transform this first-course salad into a full meal by adding deli-roasted chicken to the mix.

Mary and Sara wild rice with dried cranberries green onions and pecans

Wild Rice with Dried Cranberries, Green Onions, and Pecans

This snazzy, earthy pilaf plots the tartness of dried cranberries against the nuttiness of pecans and the dense, rustic flavor of wild rice. It is rich, healthful fare, perfect for autumnal entertaining. For a lighter pilaf, combine wild rice with brown rice, or experiment with other grains, such as quinoa or bulgur. Grains are delicious tossed with dried fruits, toasted nuts, and a drizzle of high-quality oil. If there are leftovers, add them to a handful of dressed baby greens for a sumptuous salad.

Puckery Lemon Parfaits with Summer Berries

This puckery lemon parfait is as good as a first kiss! Fresh, beautiful, and a cinch to make in advance, these classy little parfaits can be served straight out of the refrigerator when entertaining. Presented in your favorite glassware (look for fun, old-fashioned parfait glasses in antique stores), they are oh-so-pleasing to the eye.